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Product Description


1, Wash and dry the area you want to apply the wraps (confirm the skin is dry);

2, Open it and remove the film on the patch;

3, Align the reddish brown part with the navel and affix it, hot compress with a warm towel before applying it, which is more conducive to absorption. One sticker per day, 2-4 hours per sticker,no more than 4 hours;

4, Allergic to the tape, before use can be coated around the navel thin layer of moisturizing products, and then paste the it to basically solve allergies;

5, Disabled during menstruation.

Breathable & Comfortable

The stickers will not give you a feeling of moistness and sultry after being applied to the navel area. With good adhesion, the stickers can be easily attached to the navel.


If Abnormal skin or skin irritation, imeediately stop using it. Please keep in place less than 40 degrees Celsius.

Allergic to the tape, before use can be coated around the navel thin layer of moisturizing products, and then paste the patch to basically solve allergies.

Disable for children,women during pregnancy and menstruation. Anti-thyroid patients into or lower do not use.

The area where you apply this sticker should be clean and dry.

Please keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly while using the stickers for a better result.

Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place and seal it.

Loss Weight Fast

Good For Health

Easy To Use

Breathable & Comfortable

Comfortable Experience

Widly Use

Breathable & Comfortable

You won’t feel the moistness and sultry after sticking it to the navel. With good adhesion, you can easily attach the sticker to the navel.


Yerba Mate can restore the delicate and firm skin of the relaxed skin. Ivy extract nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, softens the skin and keeps the skin moist and elastic.


Fit Weight loss sticker can help people who suffer from the thick waist to keep slim. You don’t need a lot of exercise or dieting, just stick the sticker on your navel. Especially suitable for those who lack exercises, weak and obese people. Of course, if you work with simple exercise and a healthy diet, the effect will be more obvious.

Non-irritating. The ingredient of this product include plants extract, it’s mild non-stimulating the skin.
Weight loss stickers are applied directly to the stomach one or every other day; use time is 2 hours and should not exceed 4 hours. It is recommended to use more than 30 days for better results
Perfectly moisturizes your skin making it soft and tender.
With good adhesion, the patch can be easily attached to the navel.