SlimTea Kenyan Oolong Tea – Highly Concentrated Slimming Tea to Burn Calories – All Natural Weight Loss, Detox, Diet Tea, Anti-Acne – Special Proprietary Blend with High EGCG – 1 month supply 96g




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Okuma Nutritionals is a family-based business founded in 1998. It has earned its reputation as a leading health product company, specializing in importing and distributing premium health products. Each product is supported 100% with third-party research that indicates a tremendous increase with weight loss, an improved immune system, and better overall health. Okuma Nutritionals is headquartered in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and ships worldwide.

Okuma’s SlimTea Kenyan is a rare and unique blend of our Chinese Tae Guan Yin Oolong and Rift Valley Kenyan Oolong.

All of our Oolong teas are grown with NO chemicals, pesticides, additives or colorings. Our Tea comes from plantations and farms that have won multiple quality certifications, including Sustainability Awards, Ethical Tea Partnership Awards, and numerous Environmental accolades.
Kenyan SlimTea has a very mild flavor with floral tones and a slightly sweet undertone – making it a delicious choice for a simple, powerful, and EASY way to naturally boost your metabolism, raise your energy levels, and lose weight every day.

Enjoy a glass of SlimTea Kenyan before breakfast and another before lunch to naturally suppress your appetite and reduce cravings! The antioxidants in SlimTea Kenyan have been scientifically proven to boost your body’s serotonin levels which means you’ll be in a terrific mood all day.

The perfect choice for someone who prefers a light, floral flavored tea or for those who aren’t typically tea drinkers and want a mild taste. SlimTea Kenyan is designed to help you burn up to 523% more body fat than green tea, lower carb cravings, increase energy, and cleanse your body of impurities while naturally targeting stubborn belly fat. It is off the charts in disease-fighting EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), so you’ll be getting an array of health benefits on top of your weight loss!

Scientific Studies indicate that Premium Kenyan Oolong help Melt Belly Fat, Reverse Signs of Aging, Prevent Disease, and help with Cholesterol Problems
Proprietary Oolong Blend Burns Up to 3X More Calories than Green Tea – NO Additives, NO Pesticides, NO Preservatives, NO Calories!
Rated #1 for High Quality Antioxidant Levels For Maximum Health Benefits
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