Sticker with Magnets – Best for Waist Abdominal Fat, Quick Slimming (60 Pcs)

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Extract of Cassia Seed, Largehead Atractylodes, Poria Cocos, Medicated Leaven, Hawthorn Fruit, Astragalus, Oriental Waterplantain, and Angelica sinensis.


1. Better use a hot towel to warm the navel area before applying the patch.
2. Peel away the protective cover and apply to the navel area adhesive side down. Point magnet to the navel.
3. 60pcs for an advanced course of treatment for 2-month use.
4. Suggest using at night for 8 hours in general. Use it everyday or every other day.


For external use only.
Do not use it for young children, or women during pregnancy and menstruation.
Do not use after drinking alcohol or eating seafood, which can weaken the effectiveness of the product.
Do not use on broken skin.
Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people because of the adhesive. Discontinue it if irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

💡 Special Notice:

1. With strong adhesion, it can be easily attached to the navel. It can also cause skin discoloration, and in order to avoid it, you can apply some cream or lotion around your naval before using but it may reduce the viscosity.
2. Effects may vary based on different physical characteristics. It may work for some people several days later but for other people, it may take longer time to take effects.

Storage method: Store in a cool dry place, sealed and stored.

[Natural & Non-irritating]: Natural botanical ingredients, safe and non-irritating. The ingredient of this product include plants extract, it’s healthy and mild non-stimulating the skin.
[Comfortable & Breathable]: It will not give you a feeling of moistness and sultry after being applied to the body parts.
[Easy to Apply]: It just takes one step to use the sticker. Peel the adhesive and place the sticker to navel or around the navel. Use daily or once every two days. Suggest to use at night, around 8-10 hours.
[What You will Get]: 60 Pcs stickers per box. A course of treatment need 30 stickers. For better result, 2 courses of treatment is recommended.