The Essential Vitamix Superfood Recipes: Vitamix Superfood Green Smoothie Recipes for Vitamix, to Gain Energy, Lose Weight & Feel …



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Wondering how to stay motivated after the initial excitement wears off? How to make smoothies quickly and efficiently while still keeping it fun and fresh? Vitamix Superfood Recipes talks you through these situations and many more, giving you useful tips on how to manage each as you move forward with The Healthy Smoothie Bible.

This book offers a wide selection of delicious fruit and vegetable combinations that you can use in preparing your smoothies. Make sure to always have your smoothie ingredients on hand, so you can just get them whenever you are ready to blend. Fruits and vegetables are also highly perishable, thus making homemade smoothies is one of your best options when you have lots of them.

START YOUR BLENDERS! Whatever your fitness regimen, health goals, or daily routine, this Vitamix Superfood Recipes has the perfect smoothies for every occasion, including:

  • Berry Almond and Chocolate Smoothie
  • Ginger-Spiced Mango Apricot Smoothie
  • Watermelon Berry and Cucumber Cooler
  • Banana Avocado and Yogurt Smoothie
  • Mixed Berry Date and Almond Smoothie
  • Melon Kiwi and Coconut Cooler
  • Zesty Berry Morning
  • Citrus Superload
  • Cacao Vanilla Shake
  • Better than Sex Elixir
  • Limy Minty Charm
  • Spicy Sweet Potato Shake
  • Matcha Doing
  • Blue Green Ocean

Enjoy the most delicious and nutritious smoothies any time of the day!!