Transformation Program – OPTIMIZE, Ignite, Fortify, Empower – Weight Loss, Leaky Gut, Boost Energy & Metabolism, Control Glucose, Stop Sugar Cravings




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Improve Health, Feel Better, AND Burn Fat.*
The Transformation Program contains all 3 of the wildly popular Juniper LIfe products: INGITE, OPTIMIZE, & FORTIFY. A new comprehensive, HEALTHY approach combining over 22 active ingredients that target the causes of poor gut health, unwanted weight gain & belly fat, low energy and motivation.
Since the product was specifically formulated to improve health, it’s safe to take long term which prevents dangerous yo-yo dieting or extreme diets which can be very unhealthy.
What to Expect: Within 15-30 minutes from taking the product as directed, you should experience a boost in energy, focus, and motivation. Additionally, your appetite will diminish quickly and this will last all day. You should experience sustained energy all day and will notice improvements in your gym or exercise routine. During the placebo controlled, double-blind study participants saw fat reduction of 9.11% in 4 weeks, 17.19% in 8 weeks, and 20.06% in 10 weeks!
Full study here: The Transformation Program includes all 3 products: IGNITE – Healthy Slimming OPTIMIZE – Metabolic Liberator FORTIFY – Protective Recovery BONUS! – Juniper Life Measuring Tape
What the Transformation Program targets: Boosts Immune System* Help Decrease & Prevent Inflammation* Assist in Tissue & Joint Repair* Improve overall Gut Health* Effective Appetite Suppression* Encourages Burning fat for fuel* Helps maintain healthy Cholesterol Levels* Boost Energy, Focus, and Motivation.* Helps to improve Metabolic Efficiency and Fat Burning* Works to maintain healthy Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels* Supports healthy Thyroid Function* Improve Cardio & Gut Health* Helps Strengthen Gut Lining Integrity*

Amazing Appetite Suppression, Boosts Metabolism & Triggers Burning Fat for Energy which melts Belly Fat. Ideal to help Break through plateaus!*
Proven Ingredients shown to help Eliminate Viruses, Bad bacteria, Toxins, & Metals. Transfer Factor provides incredible Immune System Support.*
7 Inflammation Reducing Ingredients + Helps Prevent Oxidative Damage and Support Thyroid & Liver Function. Strengthens gut lining, health, and integrity. Feeds good bacteria and assists in removing the bad.*
Improves Metabolic Efficiency while supporting Healthy Blood Sugar by Lessening Insulin Spikes.*