Vegan Omega 3 Supplement – with 300mg Algae Based DHA, 150mg EPA – 60 Sustainable Softgels for Heart, Immune & Brain Health Support in Pregnancies, Women, Men, Children by TAHIRO

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Product Description

Vegan Omega 3Vegan Omega 3

The Source of TAHIRO

At TAHIRO, we wanted to create a potent and pure fish oil supplement that everyone could benefit from. But two groups weren’t benefiting from regular fish oil pills: people with restricted diets and the fish. So we went straight to the source—the algae where fish get their omega-3s! Now, vegetarians, vegans, and everyone else can enjoy the powerful benefits of our patented omega-3 pills without a guilty conscience!

Kids Omega 3Kids Omega 3

Enhance Your Health

Enhance Your Life!


Don’t Feel Guilty

It’s Sustainable!

Yoga Mindfulness SupplementYoga Mindfulness Supplement

A Healthy Mind and Body Starts with TAHIRO

Some supplements are made to boost cognitive health, while others are designed to support your joints. But with TAHIRO you can do all that and MORE!

Studies show that omega-3 supplements can:

● Promote cognitive performance and enhance memory.

● Support mobility and comfort by providing joint support.

● Give skin and hair a healthier look.

● Keep you healthy by boosting your immune system.

● Increase your heart health by lowering blood pressure.

● Help maintain optimal heart rate during exercise.

Pregnant Women Omega 3Pregnant Women Omega 3

Benefits for Your Baby!

When you have to avoid mercury-filled fish, it can be difficult to get all the omega-3s you need to support your growing baby. With TAHIRO’s prenatal vitamins, you safely get all the prenatal DHA you need to help your baby’s brain, eyes, and neurological system develop without the risk of mercury!

No Fish Omega 3

No Fish Omega 3

Small pills Vegan Omega 3

Small pills Vegan Omega 3

Pure Algae Vegan Softgels

Pure Algae Vegan Softgels

No Matter Your Diet

These vegan DHA and EPA supplements aren’t just for the meatless. These pills are made for anyone on any diet since they’re non-GMO, dairy-free, and keto friendly!

Small and Easy to Swallow

Hate taking too-large supplements that seem to get stuck in your throat? Taking 2 TAHIRO softgels a day is easy since they’re small!

Absorb with Ease

Softgels play a big role in helping your body absorb the omega-3. But so does the algae! Studies show that you absorb more nutrients from algae than from standard fish oil supplements.

NO FISHY INGREDIENTS – Get all the omega-3 your body needs without harming a single fish! These DHA supplements are environmentally friendly, vegan, and 100% sustainable since they’re made from USA-grown algae instead of fish!
WHAT AFTERTASTE? – Want the incredible health benefits of omega-3 fish oil pills, but dread the fishy taste? TAHIRO’s omega-3 supplement softgels deliver concentrated levels of DHA and EPA without any unpleasant aftertaste!
THE SAFE SUPPLEMENTS – Quality is key when it comes to creating safe and effective vitamins and supplements. At TAHIRO, we ensure the consistent high quality of these keto pills by producing them in a GMP facility that’s also FDA-registered!
GIVING BACK – TAHIRO will donate $1 from every product sold to UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center to support new mindfulness and well-being educational programs in underprivileged communities.