Weight Loss Hypnosis: This Book Includes: Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women and Hypnotic Gastric Band: 247 Affirmations; Meditation; The 21-Day Technique. Burn Fat Today Or Hate Yourself Tomorrow



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If you want to change your body, your first have to change your mind. Then, keep reading.

A quick Google search shows hundreds of happy patients who have undergone hypnotherapy and lost much of their excess weight. 

Why does it work, though?

Your subconscious mind is far more profound and more durable. It governs all those automatic behaviors and responses you don’t even think about, your routines, impulses, and phobias. Hypnosis operates on the subconscious mind. Hypnosis primes the subconscious, able to consider suggestions.

The reasons for overeating are subconscious, as are the reasons for all kinds of human behavior. Consequently, it is pretty challenging to try to lose weight without removing the subconscious motives for overeating. Here hypnosis comes to our rescue.

The good news is that you can manipulate this terrible feeling by controlling your brain. As a result, you can have your desired shape.

You will start to gain more weight than before while you drag yourself into despair and unhappiness.

With the right hypnosis program, you eliminate the causes of overeating because you start a ‘subconscious diet’. This book covers:

•What Is Self-Hypnosis?

•Techniques about Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis

•Re-Program Your Mind

•The Golden Protocol: The Hypnotic Method of 21 Days with Daily Statements

•The Power of Meditation for Rapid Weight Loss

•The Power of Positive Affirmations

•Positive Affirmations for Rapid Weight Loss

•Overcoming Negative Habits

•Stop Sugar Cravings Hypnotic Session

•Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions

•Rapid Weight Loss without Diet

•How to Practice Every Day

•Sharp Your Mind to Shape Your Body

•What is a Gastric Band?

•How Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Works

•Preparing Your Body for Your Hypnotic Gastric Band

•Gastric Band Hypnosis for Food Addiction

•Techniques to Execute Gastric Band Hypnosis

…And so much more!

Enjoy opening your mind and discovering life’s various possibilities. Hypnotherapy is now commonly recognized and is growing as the impressive outcomes become more well-known and more physicians, many in the medical community and natural therapists see and support the therapies available using hypnotherapy.

What are you waiting for?

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