Weight Loss Sticker, Detox Cleanse Sticker for Belly, Slimming Sticker for Belly Fat Burning, Weight Loss Sticker for Women and Man Boosts Metabolism and Improves Complexion and Beer Belly and Buckets




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Efficacy: Recovery of gastrointestinal detoxification,  Reduce fat, Regulating endocrine, spleen, dehumidification, lipid-lowering, weight loss. 
Especially suitable for those who lack of exercises, weak and obese people.
Weight loss stickers:
Breathable and comfortable, it will not give you a feeling of moistness and sultry after being applied to the body parts. 
With good adhesion, the sticker can be easily attached to the navel.
When using the weight loss sticker for the first time, it can be use for 24 hours. 
It is best to dry the navel after taking a bath in the evening, and take out the patch and use it directly.
After sticking, you can use your finger to press the ointment part into the navel, so that the active ingredients can touch the navel.  
Combined with massager brush and hot cream will enhance the effectiveness of the loss slimming sticker, accelerate the burning of calories, get a best result.
Matrix, Pressure sensitive adhesive, Release paper, Magnet. Natural plant extract – Ivy, Tea, Cassia, Xuan Ming powder, Rhubarb powder, White mustard, calamus, Amomum, Jujube, Huang Qi, etc.  Chinese medicine ingredients, milled powder, blended into a paste.
Disabled skin ulcers, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly, young children should not use. Anti-thyroid patients into or lower do not use.
Weight-loss stickers may appear mild diarrhea, black stools, etc.  when they are first used. It is a normal phenomenon of cleansing the intestines. 
There is no need to deal with them.  Very serious ones be stopped use.
Package included: 30pcs
Shelf life: 3 years
Suggestions from seller:
Please keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly while using the stickers for a better result. 30 days one of treatment.
Recovery of gastrointestinal detoxification: obesity’s material metabolism is different from normal human anabolism, fat synthesis ability increases, and fat decomposition ability decreases. Traditional chinese medicine of weight-loss stickers effectively regulate the intestinal tract, restore the normal metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas, restore the decomposition of fat, and convert fat into energy.
Regulating endocrine: Abnormal secretion of insulin, adrenaline, and hormones can cause obesity. Slimming paste can regulate the balance of endocrine function of the body, produce more lipase-activated cells, activate the activity of lipolytic enzymes in the body, decompose and consume excess fat, and let the toxins be excreted.
Reduce fat: Detox cleanse sticker ingredients of weight loss paste effectively reduce the formation of fat, reduce the rate of fat synthesis, and fully block the accumulation of excess fat in the body. supports the positive bacteria in the gut; aiding the body in attaining an optimized efficiently running metabolic process.
Magnet: The magnet has a gravitational effect. Its own magnetic field allows the intestine to better absorb the components in the patch. Gravity makes it easier for you to go to sleep during sleep, and your work is more focused.