Weight Loss Tea Natural Organic Skinny Cleanse, 16 Pyramid Teabags – Herbal Belly Fat Burn Dieter’s Blend – Energizing Appetite Suppressant Detox Teatox to Supplement Diet for Trim, Slim Figure




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SKINNY TEA BLEND FOR STUBBORN BELLY FAT: The weight loss tea celebrities use to stay fit, our ultra skinny detox tea speeds metabolism, melts body fat, suppresses excessive appetite and supports healthy digestion to flatten the tummy. No more belly bloating!
HIGH QUALITY 100% ALL NATURAL HERBAL TEA: Organic herbal teas by QualiTea Essence 2 are produced out of nature’s finest ingredients. Chemical-free & pesticide-free, our handcrafted teas are defined by purity & as potent as can be.
ORGANIC TEAS MADE FRESH FROM REAL HERBS: We use only pure herbs to create our handmade tea blends, bringing the healing energy of the universe straight to your cup. Slip slowly as you encounter the tastes of nature. Our dieters tea for weight loss enhances fat burning to help you safely, naturally shed those extra lbs!
TEA MADE FROM PYRAMID TEA BAG AND INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Both the tea bag and the wrap are organic, food safe, and biodegradable. This allows for more whole clean herbs, better brewing, fresher and keeping the nutrients locked in the bag, all a setup for the most potent tea and the best results possible. happy tummy, our purely natural digestion herbal tea embodies the powers of traditional medicinals