Weighed myself daily for 6 months, lost 20 pounds. Some thoughts.

My weight graph: https://imgur.com/0xKQH8O

6 months in the past I discovered r/loseit, and skim within the Quick Start Guide:

Have a Baseline

When beginning weight reduction, you’ll most likely really feel very motivated to maintain going. But as you progress, your preliminary motivation will wane and it’s simple to get discouraged. As you progress, have a baseline for belongings you do when you find yourself feeling discouraged or unmotivated, belongings you do it doesn’t matter what. For instance, you would possibly cease going to the fitness center for a pair weeks, however you preserve a baseline of logging your energy and consuming 200 energy under upkeep.

I made a decision my baseline can be merely weighing myself daily and logging the burden. It solely takes about 30 seconds a day. I selected this as a result of weighing myself constantly had been a standard component in all my weight successes.

It's been no less than 15 years since I've had a <25 BMI, and it seems fairly clear that I'm about to be there once more, proper in time for New Years!

Here's a bunch of random ideas and observations concerning the final 6 months:

  • I began intermittent fasting. I discovered it was pretty simple for me to skip breakfast. I had been a giant cereal eater beforehand, and will eat 2 or three full sized bowls each morning. This alone could account for most of my success.
  • My first few weigh-ins are excessive as a result of I used to be absolutely clothed (together with footwear), I simply wished to get began.
  • I ultimately began doing IF longer, and would typically wait till four PM earlier than I began consuming. I began adjusting my fasting size based mostly on my weight reduction charge. I had a little bit formulation I used, however mainly if I used to be shedding slower, I would quick longer, and if I used to be shedding quicker, I would quick much less time. This is why the burden loss charge is so linear at 1 pound per week.
  • I at all times targeted on that pattern line greater than the person weight measurements. The pattern line is a median during the last three weeks of weights (I feel Libra makes use of one thing like an "exponential average" however I'm undecided, nor does it matter). The lengthy averaging window meant that the pattern line (or "average line") was lagging behind my precise weight, which is why I practically at all times weighed-in under the pattern line.
  • I’d remind myself that so long as I frequently weighed in below that pattern line, I used to be shedding pounds. I additionally bought to see the pattern weight drop a little bit each single day with out fail (with solely a single exception). This was a giant psychological success for me.
  • There was one time I ate out with household at a Mexican restaurant and ate a lot I used to be actually nervous I couldn't preserve all of it down. The subsequent day I weighed in under my pattern line, I used to be nonetheless shedding pounds. A single meal doesn’t break a weight loss program, and the info was backing me up on that.
  • To change your life, it’s important to change what you do each day.
  • trick to alter your life with minimal willpower is to do one thing you've by no means carried out earlier than. It would possibly trigger a everlasting change. You solely need to muster the willpower to do it as soon as, after which it is going to be simpler the subsequent time. (See subsequent level for an instance.)
  • I purchased and ready some uncooked meals substances for the primary time. I'm nonetheless no chef, however that single effort of willpower, to strive one thing new, has completely modified how I view meals on the grocery retailer. I’ll now at all times see these entire meals as an choice, an choice I didn't have earlier than.
  • I nonetheless skip breakfast, however I've stopped deliberate fasting. I'm stunned to see that my weight continues its linear loss. I feel I've internalized my new consuming habits.
  • I purchased a meals scale. It was solely 10 dollars. I like digital devices. I used to be amused to see the size was delicate sufficient to weigh a paper towel. Amazing. Food scales are an affordable great tool.
  • I solely counted energy for three days. I restricted myself to 1800 energy on these day. It was a trouble, however I realized what 1800 energy seems like. I’ll depend energy once more if I get off monitor.
  • A whole lot of what I assumed was the results of getting old turned out to be the results of sluggish and regular weight acquire over time. I used to be solely 27 BMI at max, however I felt the results.

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